Saturday 29 April 2023

2023 OC preparation

This blog will take the load off the Mathemafix message board by hosting important information about 2023 OC preparation.

Reading the blog for 2022 OC Prep will also you valuable information.

We are now in the last week of OC preparation. Students are finishing off the OC trials and OC boosters to be ready for the 2023 OC test.

Some trial results


In the above OC trial results I include 4 results from 2022 students and their placement into OC classes to give ideas what it takes to get into OC. People can see that 63% on the trials would be enough to enter decent OC classes in the SW of Sydney and it's really hard to get into the top schools in the NW of Sydney.

Not all students are ready for the OC test. So, even if a student is not ready for the OC test, s/he needs to do at least some OC trial sets to know the difficulty. Do some OC boosters as well to boost the performance. After the OC test, one can go back to the normal pace and work on easier stuff to build the foundation and look toward selective test preparation for year 5.

For those students who have done enough and are ready for the OC test, it's time to finish off all the OC trial sets and revise failed questions carefully. One can do this either by using the module Super Revision or create a custom test for a series and going through the failed questions.

There are also past Cambridge papers for 2021 and 2022 and the Cambridge sample test in 2020. They can be downloaded from the SSU website or students can do the online versions already set up on Mathemafix.

We are now within the last 16 weeks of the 2023 OC test date. This is where students start doing OC trials and OC boosters.

Not all students are ready for OC trials. In order to be ready for OC trials, students should have the following:

- All year 5 school maths covered and a significant effort already put into maths problem-solving.
- Be able to score 85% plus on year 5 English comprehension and 85% on the series Mathematics Grade 5.
- Have watched the video lesson on Thinking Skills at OC level and start doing OC Thinking Skills Boosters

All students should follow the Minimum OC Work Plan 2023 to plan their tests and trials.

If parents are unsure about what to do, a training session is probably the quickest way to figure it out. Please make contact to arrange for this.

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