Wednesday 13 September 2017

2017 NSW OC results

07 Oct
The wait is over. They again released the OC result on Friday of the first week in Oct. Some results are slowly rolling in. It looks like the test was easier this year so raw marks look high. The school marks seem to have a big influence on the profile. Any school mark around 85 or lower would significantly drag the the OC profile down.

13 Sept
Only 3 more weeks to wait until we have the 2017 OC results. The 2017 results would look similar to those from 2016. Knowing that the lowest OC classes in Sydney would take OC profile cutoffs around 198, most of the students on Mathemafix have the opportunity if parents care to apply to those low classes. 

One good thing about applying for OC classes even though parents don't really want to send kids to OC classes is the opportunity for the kids to get into an enrichment class at their current schools (if the schools have enrichment classes). Schools often allocate places in their enrichment classes based on the result of the OC test and other evidence such as ICAS competition results and school reports.