Thursday, 14 July 2022

2022 OC preparation

This blog will take the load off the Mathemafix message board by hosting important information about 2022 OC preparation. 

28 July 2022
Congrats on finishing the OC test. I will update this blog as students do the survey and later when the result comes come back.

 14 July 2022
Now is probably the time for students who have done at least 6 OC trials to do the sample Cambridge OC test provided by the SSU. This sample can be done on Mathemafix website or on paper.

The year 6 students doing teh 2022 selectiev test reported that Cambridge put more hard matsh problem solving into teh TS paper. I think this is to stop students from getting a high mark. So, students should practise hard matsh probem solving. Doing the year 4 Singapore maths past papers on the page Download will help.

13 July 2022
We are only 2 weeks away from the OC test. It's now so important that students should complete 6 trial sets.Past experience shows that when the trial average is about 65%, there is hope at low OC classes. An average around 70% is needed to get a place in a middle ranked OC class. For the OC classes in the NW of Sydney, students would need an OC average trial score around 80%.

Here is the trial results so far.


12 July 2022

Here is the OC for 2021 as reported by some parents. It gives an idea what your child will need to get to get a placement. The test in 2021 was a shortened version and it was done online due to covid.