Friday, 4 September 2015

NSW selective test performance in 2015

The results for 2015 look very strong. Out of the students on Mathemafix going for this test, about 1/2 were former OC candidates growing with this website since year 4. They were the strongest and achieved very high performance. Some did not do so well in OC test but eventually got very good selective result. This shows the advantage of following a consistent method over a long period of 2 years. It also shows that the preparation program here is very strong and mature.

The 2015 selective test raw marks show that mathematics is harder this year. English marks look better than last year probably due to the massive emphasis on English here. Students were encouraged to read a lot more, do more English tests, do Wordlist, VocabTest and write as much as they could.

Students also won 3 scholarships and mostly turned them down in favour of excellent selective choices. Again it shows the maturity of the program focusing more on English and general ability.

The raw marks look very impressive. However they also clearly shows how important English is! In this game English and GA provide the bulk of strength for the selective profile.

The averages of selective trials on Mathemafix also show that the trials are positioned very well. If students could reach 90% in trial average, they would be fighting for the top position in the state (about 280/300). So far the highest profile on record is still at 254.92/300 (in 2013).  The highest profile was actually 261/300 (in 2014) but it was from a student who only spent 4 months on Mathemafix so that one did not really count as a real Mathemafix user. The highest profile reported from the public side of Mathemafix (where students did the free trials) is 265.15/300.

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